Paulin, Sara

Birth Name Paulin, Sara
Gender female


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Paulinus (pauli), Erlandusbefore 16061663
Mother Broddesdotter, Sarabefore 1651
    Brother     Paulin, Per
    Sister     Paulin, Josefina
    Brother     Erlandsson-Paulin, Brodde 1710-07-26
         Paulin, Sara
    Brother     Paulin, Påvel
    Sister     Paulin, Anna
    Brother     Erlandsson-Paulin, Jacob about 1640 estimated 1677
Father Paulinus (pauli), Erlandusbefore 16061663
Tidera, Ingeborg1674-07-28
    Half-brother     Paulin, Samuel Erlandi 1703


Family of Hansson Schierna, Måns and Paulin, Sara

Unknown Partner Hansson Schierna, Måns ( * + 1709 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Schierna, Marna
Schierna, Gunnel
Schierna, Jacob1712-07-10
Schierna, Anna1725-02-01
Hederstierna, Erland16761730-11-17
Hederstierna, Berend1689-05-101755-03-25
Hederstierna, Paul1690-07-211745-01-16
Hederstierna, Arvid16941729
Type Value Notes Sources
REFN 123


Type Value Notes Sources
REFN 359