Karlsson, Nils, Gunnar

Birth Name Karlsson, Nils, Gunnar
Gender male



Namnbyte till Kellerth


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1900-12-04      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Karlsson, Anders1860-11-211947-07-06
Mother Nordström, Maria, Eleonora, “Elin”1867-02-201959-02-23
    Sister     Karlsson, Alfrida, Elisabeth 1888-06-18 1967-12-21
    Sister     Karlsson, Valborg, Maria 1891-12-19 1979-05-25
    Brother     Karlsson, Karl, Villard 1897-04-06 1974-12-20
    Sister     Karlsson, Ingrid, Eleonora 1899-04-17
         Karlsson, Nils, Gunnar 1900-12-04
    Sister     Karlsson, Olga, Isabella 1902-06-24 1978-11-24
    Brother     Karlsson, Gösta, Andreas 1904-12-20 1980-07-12
    Brother     Karlsson, Erik, Selfrid 1909-10-12


Family of Karlsson, Nils, Gunnar and Kellerth, Nellie

Unknown Partner Kellerth, Nellie ( * 1910-04-22 + 1938-03-14 )

Family of Karlsson, Nils, Gunnar and Kellerth, Ruth

Unknown Partner Kellerth, Ruth ( * 1924-10-24 + 1978-09-03 )