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Anders Arnholm
Runs the server
Linda Normark
Card gamer number one

Bosse Arnholm
Wrote this text
Ingrid Arnholm
Only using the system

Robert Arnholm
Playing Blood Bowl


We used to have a webbserver called Tika

The server was first situated in Bosse's house and was later moved to Anders home. About ten years ago the SE-domain was free for private persons, Anders registered www.arnholm.se and after that all our sites were moved to a web-hotel.

Tika was the shieldwielding fighter who became one of the Companions who defeated the Dark Queen. She married Caramon after the War of the Lance and bore five kids.


Pages at the server

The collected genealogy of
the Arnholm family.
The page is only in Swedish.
Swedish Canals
Bosse's site about the canals in Scandinavia.
Only in Swedish though.
The Fröberg's
Lennart Fröberg is Ingrid's brother.
The site is empty at the moment.
The 50th Anniversary Trip
A page about our trip on European canals in 1998
This is how we've celebrated Christmas
the some years.
The 2004 Trip
A page about the trip to Ĺland in 2004
British Car Week
A site about British Car Week in Gothenburg
Italian trip 2010
Celebrating retirement
Another canaltrip
Sicilian trip 2016 - Coming soon . . .

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