Hilletan, Sigrid

Birth Name Hilletan, Sigrid
Gender female
Age at Death 78 years, 5 months, 4 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1667      
Death 1745-06-05 Gulmarsberg i Skredsviks socken, Bohuslän    


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Månsson-Hilletan, Gabriel1641-04-04
Mother Rolufsdotter, Elsa
    Brother     Hilletan, Magnus
    Sister     Hilletan, Elsa Margareta 1724
    Sister     Hilletan, Catharina Maria
    Brother     Hilletan, Johan Jacob
    Sister     Hilletan, Agneta 1706-05-10
    Brother     Hilletan, Rudolf after 1696
    Sister     Hilletan, Anna 1721-10-24
         Hilletan, Sigrid 1667 1745-06-05
    Brother     Hilletan, Paul 1686-06-12 1748-07-27
Father Månsson-Hilletan, Gabriel1641-04-04
Stepmother Juring, Agneta
    Half-sister     Hilletan, Elsa Margareta 1724


Family of Löfman, Sven and Hilletan, Sigrid

Married Husband Löfman, Sven ( * 1645-10 + 1708-04-27 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1687-01-16 Stockholm    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Adlerstierna, Henrik1679-09-07
Adlerstierna, Dorotea16801706
Adlerstierna, Johan1681-05-191710-11-21
Adlerstierna, Hans1683-04-121709-05-01
Adlerstierna, Ingeborg1685-07-061775-05-06
Adlerstierna, Gabriel1688-08-101767-12-04
Adlerstierna, Jacob1691-07-201753-06-04
Adlerstierna, Anna Christina16981734-11-05
Adlerstierna, Elsa Sigrid17011781-05-13
Adlerstierna, Carl17031750
Adlerstierna, Sofia Lovisa1704
Adlerstierna, Sigrid17051731-08-17
Type Value Notes Sources
REFN 342


Type Value Notes Sources
REFN 1007